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Shield Ravens

Otzi Knife w/Leather Sheath -$70.00

Ötzi is one of the Europe’s oldest natural preserved mummies. He is a treasure to the archaeological community due to the preservation of his remains, and his tools.  In his tool kit, the iceman had a flint dagger affixed to a wood handle. 

Otzi the iceman was also found with a number of weapons and tools which include:

  • A copper-bladed axe, a 13 cm long dagger which consists of a small triangular flint blade.
  •  a retoucheur which is tool used for working a flint.
  •  a 1.82m long bow which was hewn from the trunk of a yew tree.  
  •  2 finished arrows with a dozen rough arrow shafts,
  •  Parts of a backpack near the body, a net made from tree-bast string,
  •  Birch-bark containers which could of contained organic materials but would of disintegrated hundreds of years ag. 
  • He also carried a modest first-aid kit.


BLADE: 2.3 " in (57,5 mm)

OAL: 5.2 "(133 mm)

THICKNESS: 0.1" (2,5 mm)

WEIGHT: 2.5 oz (70 g)

MATERIAL: 1075 High Carbon Steel

FINISH: Forged Textured

GRIND: Flat Grind w/ Second Bevel


HANDLE: Burnt American Hickory

SHEATH: Hand Crafted Welted Leather